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Important legal information. Anyone who calls up information published on the Swiss Post website on the World Wide Web consents to the following conditions and undertakes to comply with Netiquette:

Use of the PubliBike website and copyright

The entire contents of the PubliBike website are protected by copyright (all rights reserved). Individual pages and parts of the PubliBike website may be downloaded or printed out, provided that neither the copyright marks nor other legally protected names or symbols are removed.  PubliBike retains all ownership rights to software or other data downloaded from the Swiss Post website or reproduced in another manner. Full or partial reproduction, transmission (by electronic or other means), modifications, links or use of the Swiss Post website for public or commercial purposes are forbidden without the prior written consent of PubliBike.

Ownership of the PubliBike website and brand rights

"PubliBike" and the corresponding logos are registered brands of PostBus Switzerland Ltd. No part of the PubliBike website is designed in such as way that a licence or right to use of an image, registered brand or logo is granted.

Data gathering

Use of our online services is recorded. This serves to compile statistics and help us gear our offering even more closely to customers' needs. In some cases we work together with companies who process data outside Switzerland. However, the recorded information does not contain any details that allow conclusions to be drawn about specific persons. Only in exceptional cases of serious misuse will the authorities ask the computer centre operators to allocate an IP address to the person in question. However, adequate consideration is taken of Swiss data protection laws in selecting these companies and in defining the technical and organizational measures.

No offer

The information and statements published on the PubliBike website constitute neither an offer nor an invitation or a recommendation to purchase or sell products or services or to engage in other transactions. All information on the PubliBike website is of a descriptive nature.

No assurance

Although PubliBike exercises maximum diligence to ensure that the information on its website is accurate at the time of publication, it does not provide any guarantee or assume any responsibility for correctness, reliability or completeness. The information and views appearing on the PubliBike website may be changed at any time without prior notice.

No guarantee

No guarantee – either explicit or implicit – is given for the accuracy of the information and views published on the PubliBike website. PubliBike assumes no responsibility and provides no guarantee that the functions of the PubliBike website will not be interrupted or are error-free, that errors will be rectified or that the PubliBike website and related servers are free of viruses or harmful components.

Liability waiver

PubliBike shall not be liable in any way (including negligence) for damage or subsequent damage arising from access to or use of elements of the PubliBike website (or for the unavailability of access or use).

Links to other websites

PubliBike has not tested the websites linked to the PubliBike website and is not responsible for their content or for the products, services or other offers they include.