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Several types of PubliBike membership are available to meet customers’ individual needs

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Annual membership for the rental of bikes on all or one PubliBike network.

 SwissBike*  All PubliBike networks
 RegioBike*  One PubliBike network

Information and rates 


 DayBike The DayBike entitles holders to hire bikes and e-bikes for 24 hours on one PubliBike network at no additional charge. 
 QuickBike The QuickBike (variable duration) allows an immediate access to bikes and e-bikes on the Swiss-German stations.
Upon subscription via smartphone, a code is sent that the client will have to insert on the touch screen of the station to release a bike. 

Information and rates

Order :

  • DayBike : direct purchase at our sale points or online purchase and withdrawal from the SBB ticket offices of Nyon, Yverdon-les-Bains and Morges by presenting the confirmation email
  • QuickBike : spontaneous use via smartphone


*Each time you use a bike, the first half hour is free with all these different types of membership. An hourly rate applies from the 31st minute onwards.