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Who is responsible in case of damage?

By registering for PubliBike or hiring bikes via day passes, you accept the General Terms and Conditions for using the bike sharing scheme. In doing so, you undertake to make responsible, reasonable use of the scheme and the bikes.

Responsibility of the provider

The provider accepts no liability and cannot be held responsible for damages or costs incurred directly or indirectly by the customer in connection with the rental contract, unless the damages and costs were caused intentionally by the provider as a result of gross negligence.

Responsibility of the customer

The customer will be held legally responsible if a bike is damaged or missing, if the rental procedure has not been properly carried out or if the customer fails to meet his obligations as set out in the General Terms and Conditions. The customer will also be responsible for any additional costs associated with the claim such as appraisal fees, repair costs or operating loss.


A few basic principles:

  • Your access card belongs to you, and you alone
    Lending, renting or selling a card to a third party is forbidden.
  • Obey traffic laws
    A bicycle is a means of transport just like any other. Be vigilant and attentive to other road users by obeying traffic laws and rules of good cycling conduct.
  • Before you ride…
    Before leaving the station, please check that your bike is in perfect condition (tyres pumped up, brakes working, etc.). If there is a problem with your bike, return it to its docking station and pick up another one. Our maintenance team will take care of repairs.
  • Comply with the age restrictions
    The minimum age for using a bike is 16. Young people between the ages of 16 and 18 need the permission of a legal representative to obtain a card.
  • You are responsible for your bike throughout the rental period
    Take care of it and beware of theft. You are fully and solely liable for any damage caused by the use made of the bike until it is returned. As a result, please check that your bike has been returned properly (green light).
  • PubliBike bikes are designed to be ridden in urban environments or on the road
    Do not ride on ground or in conditions that could cause damage to the bikes.
  • Make sure you return your bike on time.
    The maximum rental time for continuous use of a bike is 24 hours. If you exceed this time, the bike will be considered stolen.
  • You are obliged to report...
    You are obliged to report the loss, theft or any other problem concerning an access card or a bike to customer service as soon as possible and at the latest 24 hours after the event.