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Velostation - Lausanne

Subscriptions and rates

Membership velostation  Price (CHF)
 Annually  120.-
 Monthly*  12.-
Combined annual membership  (velostation and bike sharing) Price (CHF)
 Velostation and RegioBike Yverdon-les-Bains / Les Lacs-Romont  145.-

A one-off fee of CHF 10.- for the membership card applies in addition to the annual membership fee.

* Subject to availability. Annual subscription holders have priority

Registration and ordering

Via our online shop:

  • To order a membership for the velostation, click on the "velostation" tab.
  • To order a combined annual membership (velostation and bike sharing), select the annual membership RegioBike of your choice, then choose the annual membership for the velostation.



velostation - Lausanne


Lockers for rent

Members of the Lausanne velostation  can rent lockers available at the parking entrance. Interested? please send an e-mail with your name, surname, address and phone number to

Price for a locker:  CHF 100.-/year or CHF 10.-/month. Priority is given to annual members.

Withdraw your keys by showing your payment confirmation at the Maison du Vélo, Place de l'Europe 1b, 021 533 01 15. A deposit of CHF 50.-* is requested (in cash as the Maison du vélo does not possess any card device).

* This deposit will not be returned in case of loss of the key locker and will therefore be used to replace the lock and the keys.



Place de la Gare 3
Sous-sol de la Déchetterie de la gare de Lausanne
1003 Lausanne

Opening hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week



The Lausanne velostation has 96 parking spaces